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dictionary.com defines "dimwit" as "a stupid or slow-thinking person."  Is Donald J. Trump a dimwit?  Trump has been in the public eye for many years, and especially lately since becoming president of the United States.  There should be plenty of evidence one way or the other.  We'll look at his background first.



   Trump got a  Bachelor's Degree in Economics from Wharton in 1968.  He has not released any records of this, and in fact threatened the schools to intimidate them into not releasing anything.  Since he did graduate, that indicates at least that level of intelligence.


    Trump has been a businessman, an author, and a TV celebrity (on NBC's "The Apprentice").  While Trump claims to be a billionaire, this is a murky claim that won't be detailed here.  But the history of Trump's business attempts show a poor result from many he was involved with.  Some of those that went under are Trump Plaza (a casino), Trump Castle (another casino), Trump Taj Mahal (casino), Trump University, The New Jersey Generals (a football team),  Trump Shuttle (an airline), Trump Vodka, and Trump Steaks.  On the other hand, several Trump ventures have been successful, so we are not at our destination yet.


    In May of 1989 Donald Trump took out a full-page ad in the New York Times calling for the death penalty for the "Central Park Jogger" murder suspects, even though they had not been tried in court yet.  Speaking about the case on the Larry King show that same year, Trump said "maybe hate is what we need if we're gonna get something done."  While the original suspects were convicted, in 2002 their cases were overthrown when another person confessed and DNA evidence corroborated his confession.  Instead of apologizing to the wrongly convicted men, Trump doubled down and insisted "they confessed."

In 2011 Donald Trump loudly and often claimed that President Barack Obama was not a US citizen.  In August 2012 Trump tweeted "An 'extremely credible source' has called my office and told me that @BarackObama's birth certificate is a fraud."  In September of 2016, Trump brusquely claimed that Obama was indeed a US citizen, without any apology.

23 women have accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct (also here).  After he decided to run for president he paid two of these women hush money to keep any word of their affairs from going public.  The affairs became public anyway.


Trump's record of intelligence and acumen pre-presidency could be called a draw as far as whether it demonstrates a classification of dimwit.  However, once Trump became president, the evidence began piling up quickly. While there is concern that Trump's mental abilities are weakening with age, I'm not too interested in this argument. Either Trump is a dimwit - and thus unqualified for the Presidency - or he is not.  Let's look at what has come to light since Trump became president.


Trump speaks at a 4th grade level, lower than any other president.

He has trouble reading off a teleprompter, and sometimes just wings it.

He redefines words and phrases to mean things that they don't mean, like "free speech."

Trump tweets daily, often with spelling or linguistic errors.  He spelled hamburger "hamberder," Congressman Schiff as "Schitt" (though perhaps he was just having a grade-school style crack at an opponent), and something yet to be figured out as "covfefe."

  covfefe code


President Trump since his inauguration has made at least 10,000 false statements

Claims to have won a Man of the Year award that doesn't exist.


First Wife Melania's Be Best campaign not working on Donald S. Trump

has already started insulting 2020 Democratic candidates


Does Important Presidenting Stuff [IPS] like letting us know the wrong horse won the Kentucky Derby

More IPS about Saturday Night Live

IPS about James Woods


Trump believes that the newly conservative-packed Supreme Court will stop any Congressional impeachment activity, even though the Supreme Court has no say in impeachment.  One would hope that our president would understand our tri-partite system of government at the very least.

APPOINTMENTS (hiring only the "best people")

Rex Tillerson appointed Secretary of State by Trump.  After Tillerson is out of office and speaks against Trump, Trump says Tillerson was "totally ill prepared" for the job

Stephen Calk, appointed to Trump's economic advisory team, indicted for bribery


thinks global warming isn't happening


wants to utilize 6G, which doesn't exist

thinks wind mills kill all the birds


agreed to pay a $2 million bill to North Korea for torturing an American citizen


thinks Puerto Rico is a separate country


doesn't know if he's anti-vax or not

thinks wind turbine noise causes cancer


Thinks a country you apply tariffs to pays those tariff fees

Does not understand what the Federal Reserve is for

Would probably fail Economics 101

Lost $1.1 billion during the time The Art of the Deal came out

wants taxpayers to pay farmers for crops that his tariff war closed a market for

Grew the national debt while promising to lower it

Is $165 million off in his statements about his Scottish golf clubs


Does not like to read

Has a very skewed reading list

hangs up on big word at NRA speech

pretends he read a book on national TV interview


heads off to somewhere during G20
heads off before signing bill that he came to sign
misses his own limo while de-planing


Lockheed CEO Marilyn Hewson called Marilyn Lockheed (at the 1:02 mark)
Apple's Tim Cook as Tim Apple
Paradise, California as Pleasure
Calls Mike Pence "Mike Pounce"


wants to kill families of enemies

thinks hate can be good

pardons a soldier who killed an unarmed Iraqi

Thinks Tiananmen Square crackdown was a good thing

Is a racist


"I believe that Kim Jong Un fully realizes the great economic potential of North Korea, & will do nothing to interfere or end it. He also knows that I am with him & does not want to break his promise to me." Trump tweet

Calls off US intelligence from investigating North Korea

Relies on Putin's word more than our own intelligence service.

Casually suggests he could kill 10 million people if he wanted.


Discloses secret intelligence publicly

Is the only person who thinks Russia did not interfere in our election.

The CIA was so worried about Trump's big mouth that it extracted a highly useful source from Russia.


Does not preserve presidential communications

Pardons Conrad Black after fraud convictions (Black coincidentally wrote nice things about Trump)


Wants to stay for a third term, despite Constitutional restriction to two terms

Thinks he deserves a mulligan on his first two years of office

Says a part of the Constitution is "dirty, filthy" and disgusting

Claims Article 2 lets a president do whatever he/she wants.

tells his staff to break the law and he'll pardon them.


over 500 prosecutors believe Trump broke the law


President Trump is a moron, according to this

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This is a severely under-representative list, and all of these topics are just beginning points for investigation.  Perhaps it will act as a guide to you into whether our current president is a dimwit and ill-prepared to be the president of the most powerful country in the world.  Is it dangerous to have a dimwit president?  Yes.


[last update 9/13/19]